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The Island of Hiddensee

The island of Hiddensee is often referred to as the island of Rügens "little sister", and offers the best possibilities to spend an idyllic, quiet, car-free and nature-related holiday. Hiddensee is attractive all year round and the many-sided landscape is just waiting to be discovered on foot or by bicycle. A white, wide, maintained sandy beach is ideal for sunbathing and swimming, and nudism is allowed on many parts of the beach. Hiddensee is also attractive during the cold parts of the year. One can observe rare animals and plants, huge flocks of migrating birds in spring and autumn, and the clear, stormy winters can be an experience for nature lovers.

Famous people such as Gerhart Hauptmann, Thomas Mann, Ernst Barlach, Hans Fallada, Asta Nielsen, Käthe Kollwitz, Gustav Gründgens, Joachim Ringelnatz, Siegmund Freud, Gret Palucca, Walter Felsenstein and Ernst Busch have enjoyed the beauty of the island.

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The Island of Hiddensee is part of the Pommeranian Bodden Landscape Nature reserve and lies west of Rügen in the Baltic Sea.

The island is 18km² big and 17km long - at its widest point it is 3.7km.

From the mainland it can be reached with passenger ferries from Stralsund (travel time about 2hrs) and from the island of Rügen (from the town of Schaprode, travel time 45min), or with a water-taxi (travel time 15min).

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