Island Hiddensee (Baltic Sea) Pension Wieseneck

Journey There

Picture: [The Baltic Sea - Island Hiddensee: Map of the Island Rügen]

  • per train - there are direct connections IC, IR(inter-regional) from Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Basel to Bergen on the island of Rügen, then by bus to Schaprode.
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  • per car - on the B96 over Stralsund (Rügendamm) to Samtens, then on the country road Gingst to Schaprode. (Car-park in Schaprode).
  • between Stralsund, Schaprode and Kloster on Hiddensee there is a ferry, or a water- taxi can be used. Please see the time table.


  • Wieseneck: N 54g 35.115m EO 13g 06.317
  • Schaprode: N 54g 30m 46.0s EO 13g 09m 52.1s
  • Stralsund: N 54g 19m 01.7s EO 13g 05m 41.0s



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